There are many major risks to this diet because it is a high-fat diet. The fact that it puts a limit on carbohydrates and promotes the consumption of foods high in fat and protein can easily cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. With the lack of complex carbs entering the human system and the insanely low calorie intake that most people attempt, the body looks for the quickest energy source it can, stored fat. When someone finally finishes their diet cycle, their body has already entered starvation mode. Once the dieter begins to eat starches again their body instantly turns the food to fat in order to save the body from starvation. This results in a weight gain.

The Truth -
After researching the fruit, scientist found that grapefruit does not burn calories. So the grapefruit does not have the ability to break down and burn the fat calories that the dieter puts into their body while on the Grapefruit Diet. The dieter still may lose the ten pounds promised to them, but the loss is primarily due to the lack of calories and the large amount of liquids that the diet entails. Another sad truth about the diet is that it DOES NOT WORK. Since the body has entered starvation mode, the body turns most food to fat after the diet cycle has concluded, and so the dieter gains the weight they lost back. The Grapefruit Diet is only a short term weight loss plan, but cannot help keep weight off permanently unless someone were to continue restricting calories thus possibly leading to an eating disorder.