1930s Hollywood

The Grapefruit Diet caused the sale in grapefruit to increase, and it would continue as long as the slim silhouette of the movie stars was popular. The diet was very famous among Hollywood stars who were competing with others for the skinny ideal figure. The diet was displayed and publicized in movies of the time.

In this scene from the movie "The Public Enemy (1931)," James Cagney smashes a grapefruit into the face of actress Mae Clark. Mae was eating a grapefruit for breakfast, just as described in the Grapefruit Diet. It has not been confirmed that Mae's character was on the Grapefruit Diet, but it can be assumed because the Grapefruit Diet was such a famous fad during the time this movie was made.

The Grapefruit Diet was also referenced in the 1933 movie "Hard to Handle." In the movie James Cagney creates an eighteen day Grapefruit Diet plan while in prison.